Square Twist


A nail with an oval head for a concealed finish.

Available in Bright Self Colour finish.

A nail which can be punched below the surface to provide a concealed finish.

Available in Bright Self Colour or A2 Stainless Steel finish.

Annular ringshank nails provide additional holding power, where increased grip is required.

Available in Bright Self Coloured, Sherardised or A2 Stainless Steel finishes.

Annular Ringshank


Round Lost Head

A traditional fixing for roofing applications. Also available with an extra large head for superior clamping.

Available in Galvanised, Copper or Aluminium finishes.

Round Wire

A light duty fixing, commonly used for cabinet making and similar applications.

Available in Bright Self Coloured or Sherardised finishes.

Loose Nails sourced from a number of trusted suppliers.

A general use nail with a full round head for clamping.

Available in Bright Self Coloured, Galvanised or A2 Stainless Steel finishes.

Panel Pins

Used with all types of builders metal work, the twisted shank gives a stronger hold.

Available in Galvanised or Sherardised.

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