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Shield Anchors - Loose & Projecting Bolts

A heavy duty anchor used to fix to non-cracked concrete. Finishes available are either zinc, A2 or A4 stainless steel finishes depending on the fixing environment. 

Mechanical Anchors & Fixings are sourced from a number of trusted suppliers.

Drop-In Anchors - Standard & Lipped

Through Bolts

Nylon Hammer & Frame Fixings

These internally threaded, hammer set expansion anchors are perfect for heavy duty fixing into concrete. The lipped collar version should be used where there is a possibility of the anchor dropping back into a cavity. 

A setting tool is also available for these anchors.

Plastic Wall Plugs - Brown & Red

A thin walled metal expansion anchor used in masonry and concrete. Available as a hexagon bolt version, hex nut version or countersunk head version. 

A trusted metal expansion anchor used in masonry and concrete. Available as a loose bolt version, projecting bolt version or shield anchor only. They are ideal for fixing through the fixture when the shield has been installed.

The fixing plugs are designed with a 2 way expansion system, this provides rapid fixing with high pull out values of up to 4.2kN. The plugs are also moulded with protruding side fins which restrict rotation and prevent fall out from overhead holes. 

Reliable and versatile fixings for use in brick, blockwork, stone, masonry and concrete. Mainly used for interior timberwork such as battens and frames. Hammer Fixings can be removed with a screwdriver.

Sleeve Anchors - Hex Head, Hex Nut & Countersunk