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TIMco Classic C2 Premium Multi-Purpose Screws


TIMco Classic Multi-Purpose Screws


TIMco Velocity Premium Multi-Purpose Screws

​ The unique TIMco Velocity screw has been specifically designed to give rapid installation into many different materials whilst achieving exceptional pull out resistance. It is available in a yellow passivated finish, with Pozi Drive and Torx Drive recesses.

​ The 25° sharp point, special thread design, lubrication and corrosion resistant plating ensures the screw will consistently perform efficiently in hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and thin sheet metal. TIMco Classics are available in zinc, yellow and A2 stainless steel finishes with a countersunk head, and yellow with a pan head.

​ The TIMco C2 screw is a continuation of the Classic range, providing the same great performance, while improving on the insertion of the screw. It is available with a countersunk head, in zinc, yellow and exterior finishes.